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  2. Beta testing at a private site begins Monday the 2nd of June. Those who contacted me to be a part of it will receive login details via email tomorrow
  3. Started work on the code refactoring for IP{S 4.4 compatibility. You can see the updates at the GitHub site https://github.com/GaalexxC/IPS-4.4-BitTracker
  4. With PayPal gone again I have just registered for Braintree (A PayPal company..lol) and Stripe, both have been approved and activated allowing for credit and debit cards, also ACH (bank transfers) and ApplePay/GPay as well. So we have the payment methods I just need to set up some kind of system for them. Best bet right now is if you have any type of Google account, IE G mail, then you have G Pay and can send funds to sales@exceptionalservers.com. Just login to Google and your account setting should have a section payments and subscriptions, thats G Pay. Send money to the email above and use a credit/debit card.
  5. PayPal is no longer a donation or payment option. So we are moving forward and adding better options to the site, Patreon (For those who want to support us every month) to one time donations via credit/debit cards. PayPal users can still use their PayPal to pay for some of these services. Become a devCU Patron Members can now support us year round by becoming a patron for as little as $2 a month. If we can get enough members to throw in a couple bucks a month we will never have to worry about the servers, software or licensing needs ever again. Will help me tremendously to be able to concentrate and spend more time on the site and its software development. PayPal users can use their PayPal account to become a Patron https://www.patreon.com/devcu I plan on adding rewards specifically for devCU Patrons as well in addition to those being offered on the site. All current donators and new Patorns will have exclusive first access to beta and new releases a week or two before the public. devCU patrons also have premium support as well as the opportunity to get suggested features added first. before the public.. There are 5 Tiers $2 - $4 $5 - $9 $10 - $19 $20 - $99 $100 + Corporate Sponsorships You can message me privately on Patreon once you pledge and let me know.of your patronage Thanks for all the support we get and if you have any questions please feel free.
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