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    2. IPS 4.2x | 4.3x BitTracker

      Bit Torrent Tracker application for IPS 4.2x/4.3x Community Suite
    3. Auto Server Admin Script [ASAS]

      Bash script to automate common sysadmin functions on Debian based servers.
    4. WX Dashboard

      Weather dashboard application based on DCU Dashboard (devCU Software) a IPS 4.x application.
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    5. DCU Dashboard

      A dashboard building Application for IPS 4.x
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    6. SugarTWIG

      Responsive | Dynamic Boilerplate using TWIG template system
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  • Definitions


    Bug Report - Application Bug

    Security Report - Security Concern

    Problem - Account Problem

    Suggestion - Application Suggestions

    Question - Application Questions


    Pending - Unviewed Report

    Reviewing - Under Review

    Confirmed - Issue has been Confirmed

    Fixed - Issue has been Fixed

    Unknown - Cannot Reproduce

    Closed - Invalid/Duplicate

    Accepted - Accepted

    Answered - Answered

    Rejected - Rejected


    Enhancement - Enhancements

    Build - Application Build

    Beta - Beta Build

    Testing - Test Build

    Current - Current Build

    Release - Release Build

    Stable - Stable Build

    Update - Admin Note

    Active - Working

    Completed - Action Completed

    MASTER - Blaster

    - Pushed to GitHub

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