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  1. Will this mod ever come to light? 😋
  2. Holiday?  ?

    1. Administrator


      Yes and well deserved. Back now and jumping right into it.

    2. FCKN


      Welcome back ?

  3. Hi admin!,

    my domain https://magnetlink.pl still waiting for BitTracker stable release ;)

    1. Administrator


      Lol, so is mine brother. Just got back from vacation, fresh and ready to bang the rest of this out.

  4. FCKN

    New Timeline

    how much I have to pay to get access to files
  5. Hello, admin, do you live :lol:

  6. FCKN

    IPS 4.2 BitTracker

    Suggestions: *add in topic view table stats like in xf: *add stats in forum view (seeders,leechers,file size,etc) *Top 10 torrents (most download) (blocks) *Top 10 uploaders (blocks) *Give reputation (reactions) to download torrent *Tracker stats, address in (blocks) and others sugestions in the near future.
  7. FCKN

    IPS 4.2 BitTracker

    Tell me more about tracker or up screens, this is private? php? xbt? when i add torrent to app, topic will be create in forum like in Downloads app?
  8. FCKN

    IPS 4.2 BitTracker

    Hello, We know something more when the version 4.2.x will be available?
  9. FCKN

    Limited Support

    Hello to all readers and support, As for the bitracker, I found some errors on the default style, namely after the installation of the bitracker, I can not enter the "My Settings" profile, I get the error "Oops! Something went wrong!"the next problem is adding in ACP Category, I get the following error " Warning: require_once (/home/xxx/domains/xxx/public_html/admin/sources/interfaces/admin/bitracker_category_form.php): failed to open stream: No dry file or directory in / home / xxx / domains / xxx / public_html / admin / sources / base / core.php on line 3022 Fatal error: require_once (): Failed opening required '/home/xxx/domains/xxx/public_html/admin/sources/interfaces/admin/bitracker_category_form.php' (include_path = '.: / Opt / alt / php56 / usr / share /pear:/opt/alt/php56/usr/share/php:/home/xxxdomains/xxx/public_html/ips_kernel/ ') in / home / xxx / domains / xxx / public_html / admin / sources / base / core .php on line 3022 I understand that the file "bitracker_category_form.php" is missing from the directory / admin / sources / interfaces / admin The next problem is the Torrents tab in the user profile "Fatal error: Call to a member function tabNoContent () on null in /home/xxx/domains/xxx/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/bitracker/extensions/profileTabs/bit.php on line 88" and finally Member group Manage -> devCU biTracker missing content. https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=500531938592 MYSQL Version MYSQL 10.1.24-MariaDB-cll-lve PHP Version 5.6.33 (litespeed) I have clear IPB 3.4.9 retail v installed. I hope you will solve this problem. Regards, I keep my fingers crossed and apologize for the spelling. I am also waiting for the version for 4.2.x I Love torrents tracker