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  1. Administrator

    Help support our work

    Please help us with server costs. We do not advertise or use any embedded tracking code in our site to make money. Our open source projects are free for all and we put as much time in effort into them as time allows. That being said we would appreciate any help in paying our monthly server costs. Any amount, $5 or more, is a great help. In addition site supporters get first crack at all Beta releases not available to the public. Anonymous donations are accepted, no need to be logged in but if you want credit for the donation and pre-release build access please login or create a free account. Send payment to paypal@exceptionalservers.com or click PayPal button below Using AMEX Serve PM me with the amount and email or mobile number and I will send you a payment request. Using BitCoin https://bitpay.com/366572/donate Once completed just PM me with the amount and Trans ID so I can credit your account. Using Google Wallet Payment email: sales@exceptionalservers.com Once completed just PM me with the amount and Trans ID so I can credit your account.