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ICAAN just another corrupt organization

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ICAAN just another corrupt organization

From the ICAAN website


ICANN is a not-for-profit public-benefit corporation with participants from all over the world dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable. It promotes competition and develops policy on the Internet's unique identifiers. Through its coordination role of the Internet's naming system, it does have an important impact on the expansion and evolution of the Internet.


To become an ICANN accredited registrar, you will need to pay the following initial costs:

Application fee of $3,500 USD

Annual fee of $4,000 USD (invoiced after approval of the application)

You will also need to show proof of at least $70,000 USD capital or be able to explain why you do not need this amount of working capital.

Once you are an ICANN accredited registrar - you will have to pay additional fees:

The annual $4,000 USD fee mentioned above

A quarterly ICANN fee - usually about $800 for smaller registrars

The ICANN per domain fee of $0.18

The registry fees (i.e. $7.85 for a .COM currently). This is usually deducted from your prepaid balance with the registry operator.



I have a had a terrible past 6, days so far, with an absolutely abominable company in Australia that I have done business with for a decade. TPP Wholesale who goes by the name PlanetDomain who is now owned by Melbourne IT. Since Melbourne IT took over last year these businesses have been spiraling downward rapidly and now I have felt it personally. A horribly disorganized and in shambles company that is a disgrace to the business world. They have been holding my domains hostage now for 6 days, caused over 60 hours of downtime and business loss, and it took 4 days for me to get in touch with them just to complain. Still now they haven’t fulfilled any services to me and continue to harass by blocking me from moving my domains to a real company. ICAAN is the accreditor and the organization that is supposed to hold these companies to the highest standards. So I opened several complaints with them and they pushed me aside and said it’s not valid when all I have done is shown them proof and evidence. They actually sent me a link and said here is a list of registrars where I can purchase domains, money first thought of course. So what that means is the so-called nonprofit ICAAN isn’t what it seems. They only care about getting their fees and don’t a give a rats behind about the consumers who they swear to protect. Another agency that has grown in size and said F you to the little people you and me.

Heres the timeline so far as it is still continuing

So the point is the ICAAN accreditation means absolute squat other than these businesses forked over the dough. They are not held to any higher standard and the consumer doesn’t count in a nutshell.


ICAAN You can Kiss my ass

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And for the email sent by a moron working for these idiots



In text:



Thank you for submitting a Transfer complaint concerning the domain name exceptionalservers.com, devcu.net, devcu.com, centumail.com, cumediaserver.com. ICANN has reviewed and closed your complaint because:

- The domain name is not registered and may be available for registration through an ICANN-accredited registrar. For a list of all ICANN-accredited registrars, please visit https://www.icann.org/registrar-reports/accreditation-qualified-list.html .

  ** Hey moron I own all the domains and have for years they are not available and why are you trying to sell me domains in a serious complaint ticket?

ICANN considers this matter now closed.

** ICAAN closed a valid complaint for what reason> None given the only answer is money, 4 grand to be exact


Please do not reply to the email. If you require future assistance, please email compliance@icann.org; if you have a new complaint, please submit it at http://www.icann.org/resources/compliance/complaints .

ICANN is requesting your feedback on this closed complaint. Please complete this optional survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8F2Z6DP?ticket=OFD-235-64678 .


ICANN Contractual Compliance


The problem summary:
Reporter Organization: Exceptional Servers Inc Reporter Telephone Number: 6314223063 Domain being reported: exceptionalservers,com, devcu.net, devcu.com, centumail.com, cumediaserver.com Time of submission/processing: Wed Jan 24 06:47:47 2018

Applicable option: Registrar does not allow to transfer domain name

Action performed regarding the authorization code (auth-code): I tried to retrieve the auth-code from my control panel.

Action performed regarding the lock status: I already tried to unlock the domain name myself.

Comments: This is an additional compliant against PlanetDomain and TPP Wholesale they are not only blocking my transfers but have shut down my support cases area so I cannot respond or open new support tickets. I have had just about enough from this company and demand ICAAN cancel their accreditation. They certainly are on point for that to occur. If there is no action taken then I will have no choice but to expose ICAAN accreditation as a scam and meaningless if companies like this are honored with your seal.

They haven't even updated my domains yet after 6 days now still show expired.


And the support block

I am a patient and forgiving man but this is beyond all reason now and needs to be addressed immediately.


ICAAN is a corrupt organization and whoever wrote this email is retarded. The fact of the matter a 8 year old can check a WHOIS to see if these domains are registered and they all are of course. So it screams didn't bother to check, don't care, fuck you, ticket closed, registrar fee cash annually.

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Since 11:30 am 11 law firms have emailed me asking to represent my company and my clients in suits against these companies. 4 work in the technology arena and say they cannot believe whats happening. Also 2 mentioned what a disgrace ICAAN is and how they are allowing this to continue. So social media bringing out the live ones. Already had scheduled meetings today with 2 firms so looks like a busy day coming up and I haven't slept a wink yet in 30 hours. I have to document each hour of this disaster continuing. 

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ICAAN still emailing me for help on the ticket, took 30 friggin'; days to transfer 8 domains. Net Registry is a fraud and so is ICAAN.

And the domains still are in the control panel at TPP with the dates of last administered in 2011. Their infrastructure has totally collapsed but they are accredited because the cash is in the bag.

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