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  1. does that have anything to do with the other place that is down? If you know what I mean
  2. No I would never mean the whole server, only my seedbox, I seen that in settings but didn't know if I could change anything. Thanks. It would prove helpful to me ,right? I mean only so much memory is assigned to me and if a torrent is running full throttle then it uses more memory? I'm not sure how much this matters on a shared box, but the more torrents you have running I guess the more memory being used. Does memory effect the speed and or bandwidth used? Just trying to learn something here.
  3. You know after your file has seeded to 2.0 ratio in utorrent you can cut the speed down so that newer torrents can have more bandwidth. I have this set where after a file reaches 2.0 ratio it only puts out 100kbps at home from unlimited. Can this be done with rtorrent from the settings? I don't know if it matters but it seems it could help on speeds for all of us.Just wondering?
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