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  1. Hello Admin Can We Know Atleast Now When the Bttracker Will Released or atleast at what stage its being?
  2. I DOnt think When The Bttracker will be released? But i can say that they dont give any support about this Project itsbeing clearly visible that not even atleast replying with the stauts thus they r working on bttracker or having another obigation at this time.....
  3. Hello Admins can i know when the bttracker beta will be available or atleast the approximate date of release?
  4. is this mod works in ipb 3.3.x or 3.4.x or both? And i dont think so it will release by this weekend we need to wait for some more week to get to use of it! Thankyou & Appreciates for coding this mod..
  5. I Think Its Better To HAve A Weekly Update on a Particular day[ex: Monday,tues,wednes,thur,fri,satur,sunday] about this Project So That it will be help full for those who are not take part actively in board everyday......
  6. It will be nice to integrate torrents in downloads section so that it when any member click on torrent in the post/topics he should redirect to downloads section and able to download torrent from their so that we can also have torrent stats in that section when torrents uploaded or linked!
  7. Its Very happy to hear that the beta release is going to release very soon...........
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