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I have dropped further development on any trackers for IPB 3.4x. However I do have a fully working version and have posted the source on my GitHub account. If you have a bit of knowledge you can easily get it working 100% as we did at one of our test sites.


That being said now that we have the IPS 4 Community Suite we can start work on a new version for IPB 4.2+. I not only want to but have to get this done asap cause it is needed on one of my sites so development will be immediate and rapid. I have top have something done by years end or sooner really. So look for more news on this in the coming days and weeks. 


I am also creating a standalone Laravel 5 version which should see at least a Beta 1st quarter 2018



UPDATE: I am just about done creating the application base and will begin testing this week on this forum. Only those who are supporters of the site will be allowed to test beta versions. Free is great but the server costs money and the time I am spending on this application is well worth it for those who can afford to donate and keep the server payments a non issue to me. Id rather concentrate on this and other applications than have to worry about paying for the server. Anyone with a $10 or more donation can access the betas as i release them. These users will also have priority support and can post in the issues tracker. First beta is due November 30th.

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On 1/28/2018 at 1:59 PM, FCKN said:


We know something more when the version 4.2.x will be available?

Actually was starting to really do some heavy work on this a week ago when I encountered the domain disaster I posted about, and am still going through. Set me back a week or so but will get it going again this week. I plan on having a neta in about in about two weeks or so, will keep you updated.

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Tell me more about tracker or up screens, this is private? php? xbt? when i add torrent to app, topic will be create in forum like in Downloads app?


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*add in topic view table stats like in xf:


*add stats in forum view (seeders,leechers,file size,etc)



*Top 10 torrents (most download) (blocks)

*Top 10 uploaders (blocks)

*Give reputation (reactions) to download torrent ;)

*Tracker stats, address in (blocks)

and others sugestions in the near future.



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