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Please support us financially so we may continue to keep our software free and best in class


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Please help us with server costs. We do not advertise or use any embedded tracking code in our site to make money. Our open source projects are free for all and we put as much time in effort into them as time allows. That being said we would appreciate any help in paying our monthly server costs. Any amount, $5 or more, is a great help.

In addition site supporters get first crack at all Beta releases not available to the public.

Anonymous donations are accepted, no need to be logged in but if you want credit for the donation and pre-release build access please login or create a free account.

PayPal is no longer a donation or payment option

Patreon - Support us all year round

More Info Here



One Time Donations via credit/debit/ACH/BitCoin




Using AMEX Serve


PM me with the amount and email or mobile number and I will send you a payment request.

Using G Pay


Payment email: sales@exceptionalservers.com

Once completed just PM me with the amount and Trans ID so I can credit your account.

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With PayPal gone again I have just registered for Braintree (A PayPal company..lol) and Stripe, both have been approved and activated allowing for credit and debit cards, also ACH (bank transfers) and ApplePay/GPay as well. So we have the payment methods I just need to set up some kind of system for them.

Best bet right now is if you have any type of Google account, IE G mail, then you have G Pay and can send funds to sales@exceptionalservers.com. Just login to Google and your account setting should have a section payments and subscriptions, thats G Pay. Send money to the email above and use a credit/debit card.

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